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HS Sliding System

HSHS-Master sliding doors  meet the expectations for comfort and offer unlimited solutions. Are one of the most popular products among our Customers at last time. They are, undoubtedly, major competitor for PSK Lift and Sliding Balcony.
The System comprises of:

  • Sliding shutters with wide range of application, i.e. for wings up to 2760 mm;
  • Modern design of trolley for smooth and quiet sliding of wings;
  • High burglary resistance, thanks to smart design of fittings- higher anti-burglary protection can be obtained thanks to additional protective fittings;
  • After the installation of doors, the highest element of doorstep is 11-12 mm above “zero surface level”; upper and lower guides are not visible;
  • Maximum width of one set (divided into few wings) is up to 15 m., and maximum set with one wing is up to 3300 mm;
  • Easy opening and closing of wings;
  • Possibility of corner terrace doors without fixed construction pole;
  • For simple ventilation, a wing can be opened from tiny gap, to its whole width and lowered at each position;

Such system provides multiple design solutions of vast and easily handled glazes. However, secure glazing should be used, in order to provide the safety of users.