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We produce windows of standard quality and high quality. The production is aimed for customers seeking for better functionality, thermal and acoustic insulation, additional features (passive windows, blockades, alarm systems, shutters or radio-controlled roller blinds, self-cleaning glazing etc.). According to customer’s needs, we produce also the windows with air-blows.

Thanks to its unique functionality, external roller-blinds are one of modern construction technologies. They give perfect protection against sunlight, wind, rain, snow and other atmospheric conditions. They provide quality thermal insulation for a building, prevent from extensive insolation at rooms in summer and provide great thermal savings at winter. External roller-blinds provide additional acoustic insulation and significantly lower noise level at rooms. They guarantee personal privacy and significantly improve the security of housemates. All external roller-blinds elongate the time of burglary.

Window fans are devices, that provide proper ventilation at room. Relevant humidity and air-circulation at building are factors of comfortable and quality air. Window fans are of several type, differing from each other by type of operation.
Basic quality glazing has thermal conductivity factor of K=1.0. Higher insulation has thermal conductivity factor of K=0.7. The offer covers wide range of glazing, beginning with traditional glazing, ending with anti-burglar or reflective glazing with internal/external transom (Vienna type). Thanks to our modern solutions, one-chamber double-glazing prevent from thermal losses, excessive heating, external noises and is a temporary protection against burglary. Double glazing is a set of at least two glazes with a separator at whole circumference of glazing, connected with each other by complex fringe sealing, with hermetical space between the glazes, filled with moisture-absorbing agent, air or other gases (argon or krypton).

The paints and lacquers used at our company are ecological. We use water-dilatable azure lacquers (revealing the structure of wood) with wide range of colors and opaque paints. Manufacturer of paints is a world-wide renowned Remmers company, that provides 3 years of warranty for coating. Remmers products are great wood protection against blue stain, fungi, rotting, wood insects, UVR. The coating does not crack, penetrates wood deeply, is hydrophobic and thanks to it the wood breathes and regulates its moisture. Lacquers do not crack; polishing and removal of paint coating is not needed for additional coating.